Hey there! Long time no see. I took a little break after I was sick to get my life back together, but now i’m back and ready to keep on keepin on! Today I have possibly my favorite post i’ve made yet. A bunch of ideas for your friend group or family to do over the summer. Fun, outdoor things to do that I myself have done with my friends and family and swear by it! I think soon i’ll do another post about fun overnight trips to take. But for now, these are just things you can do during the day that don’t cost a lot of money and are super fun! Lets get started…

RENT A PONTOON!!– pontoon rentals are so fun and so affordable! If you have a lake near you or within a couple hours, renting a pontoon is such a fun day trip activity. You can bring coolers with all your favorite drinks and food. You can bring floaties and lay out on the lake and get a tan or sit on the boat and hang with friends. I personally, would bring some sort of flotation device and lay on the water all day. About an hour from my house, we have a lake with pontoon rentals. For an 8 person boat, it costs about $250 for 8 hours of use. That comes out to around $31 a person for the whole day.


GO TUBING/WHITE WATER RAFTING– This is one of my favorites because theres 2 ways you can go about this. You can do relaxed tubing. Where you all get an innertube through a company, AND you get an innertube for your cooler, again bringing your own drinks and snacks, and you all tie yourselves together and float casually down a river. It’s so relaxing and you have all your friends right there with you. Eat lunch in your tube, drink in your tube, swim, nap, whatever you want to do! its typically $20-$30 per person to do this, so again, really affordable! You can also do white water tubing, which is in rough water except you’re still in your own tube, or white water rafting, which is when you’re all in the same raft together with an instructor helping to direct you. Both are super fun and cheap, it just depends on what kind of day you want to have!


GO HIKING AND FIND A HIDDEN DESTINATION– Near my house, theres a TON of hiking trails, one in particular backs up to this beautiful waterfall  lagoon type thing that you can swim in! I love hiking because you can go at your own pace, take breaks when you want or make it as hard as you want! you can explore areas you didn’t know existed and really find some treasures and incredible views. It’s typically around $10-$15 a person to hike a public park trail. You can also pack your own lunch, and find a cool spot on the trail to stop and eat!



COOKOUT/BBQ/POTLUCK– my friends and I love doing cookouts and inviting everyone over for some burgers, hotdogs, beers, and yard activities! We usually play corn hole, or can jam or some sort of fun game we can all play outdoors. One of our friends has a full volleyball set, so that’s fun to do also! We take turns on the grill and set up a nice buffet with all or favorite backyard bbq dishes! Usually aside from burgers and hot dogs, its potato salad, baked beans, mac n cheese, and maybe a couple other sides, but those are the basics. We always have a cooler full of yummy drinks nearby, and it’s always a good time! This may seem like a such a “duh” kind of idea, but I often forget about how much fun cookouts actually are. So this one is more of just a reminder 🙂


GO TO AN OUTDOOR SHOW– Close to where I live, we have some outdoor pavilions on a huuuuggeeee lawn. Every summer, tons of popular artists come and perform. It’s fun because you bring your own chairs, food, drinks and blankets, and you just hang out and eat and drink and enjoy the show. You’re outside enjoying the weather while at a concert. It doesn’t get better than that! If you haven’t noticed, my friends and I like doing things where we get to bring our own coolers with food and drinks haha. It saves you a ton of money though, not having to buy everything. The only thing you’ll have to pay for on this activity is the concert tickets!


AMUSEMENT PARK– go to your local amusement park! Ride rides and get sick! We have a couple really good amusement parks near us and its always a fun day trip activity. This can be a little expensive since you’re buying the tickets, and any food or drink inside. But its still really fun! You can also go to a local water park! Water slides are super fun and it feels good on a super hot day!


MAKE YOUR OWN WATER PARK– If you want to have fun in your own backyard, you could make your own water slide! all you need is a couple tarps and a hose and you have hours of fun ahead of you! You can also rent a water slide bouncy house from a company. They come and set it up for you, then come and take it down. It’s typically around $400 for 4 hours of use, so if you have around 10 people, thats $40 a person. Not bad! You could also do both of these WHILE having a cookout. IMG_2224


Those are all my ideas for now! Like I said, I’m going to do another post about weekend trips during the summer, like fun overnight trips to take with friends! Let me know if you guys would like to see that, and if you liked this one! I hope everyone has an amazing week!!




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