First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!! Being a mom is hard, and you’re doing an incredible job❤

Okay so as you know, I just got back from NYC. And I was lucky enough to get the flu after lol… I wanted to do a post on supplements to take to help get rid of a sinus infection, cold, flu, bronchitis, pretty much any kind of sickness. 

The minute I start feeling sick, I start taking Monolaurin, vitamin C, and Clear Lungs. (I take vitamin c every day, but I double doses when I’m sick) the first one is Monolaurin. This is an immune system support supplement. A lot of people with cold sores/herpes take this regularly because it’s a very good natural anti viral. I take one in the morning, and at night when I’m trying to get rid of a cold. 

Next is vitamin C. Everybody should be taking this everyday. It’s so good for you and your overall health. On average, people typically take 500-2000mg of vitamin c. When I’m not sick, I usually take about 1000mg. But when I am sick, I double it. Vitamin C is water soluble, so your body takes what it needs, and anything it doesn’t need, you will pee out. The more sick you are, the more vitamin C your body needs/can take. I take 2 of these in the morning, and 2 at night. 

The final supplement I take is ClearLungs. Every time I get sick, and I mean every.single.time… I always end up getting bronchitis afterwards. I have no idea why, my body just loves those upper respiratory infections. So I start taking clearlungs immediately when I start taking everything else. I’ll still probably cough, but it won’t be nearly as bad. I take one of these in the morning, and one in the evening. 

That’s all of supplements, but I wanted to add a couple extra things that I think make a world of difference. I love this ocean saline spray for any kind of congestion. It’s for allergies, cold, flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, and dry irritated nasal passages. It’s so gentle and doesn’t burn and it loosens up the mucus so you can get a really good blow. It says use as needed so I usually use this every couple hours and if I do have a sinus infection or something, this plus the supplements really help to make it go away. 

Now on to liquids. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. This is sooo important. Water will help flush your system and hydrate you. I usually fill up my giant water bottle about 5 times a day when I’m sick. Also, green tea with lemon and honey. If you have a scratchy threat, this will help in a heartbeat. It helps me feel better overall, and it calms my cough. Green tea is very strong in amino acids, and a great antioxidant, which will help your body fight whatever it’s fighting! Honey also has many healing properties, and will help coat your throat and sooth it. 

I woke up Wednesday morning with a fever of 103.3.. extreme shakes, achy body, congestion. I immediately started taking all of these supplements and drinking water and tea, and I was back to work on Friday. Antibiotics completely destroy your immune system and make it easier for you to get sick again. These supplements allow your body to fight the flu on its own and make your immune system stronger. Antibiotics also ruin your body’s natural PH balance. Which can lead to yeast infections of the head, mouth, and V, and can cause so many skin conditions. I’ve learned my lesson with taking antibiotics and I really want to help spread the word on how powerful supplements can be, and how good old fashioned R&R can be just as effective as taking synthetic chemicals. So many people think that taking antibiotics will help you get better faster. Thats simply not true, and I’m proof of that. I felt better just as soon, if not sooner, than if I was taking a perscription. Next time you’re sick, I hope you’ll consider using supplements instead of antibiotics! Your body will thank you!! 

Those are all my tips and tricks! Let me know if you have a questions, and I hope you feel better if you’re using these to beat a cold!! 


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