Hey Everyone! I’m headed to NYC for a couple days and I thought I would show what I packed! As I’m typing this, i’m sitting on the train trying to eat my acai bowl without spilling it on my white shirt (wish me luck). Okay so It’s sunday morning. I’m due to arrive at Penn Station at 11:30am, and I’ll be there all day, over night, all day monday, and coming back monday night. So since I won’t be there that long, I’m an a little bit of an outfit repeater. But lets start with makeup/skincare


The first little bag I’m bringing is this really cute floral bag that I put all of my skincare in. It’s from European Wax Center and I think its gorgeous!


I’m taking my Clarisonic, Bioderma makeup remover, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Murad toner, Juice Beauty Apple Eye Cream, CeraVe Moisturizer, and my Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer for day time. Again, since I wont be there that long, I’m not bringing a thousand products.


Next is another little travel bag that I got from Ulta. It’s double sided and holds A LOT. In this, I put my makeup and shower products/toiletries.



From left to right I have my body wash. THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING. It’s from whole food and I highly recommend it! Deodorant, Biosilk, Calvin Klein Escape, Oribe dry texturing spray, Batiste dry shampoo, mango body butter, a razor, toothbrush (my mom brought the tooth paste) and a little hair clip. Inside that hair clip I have an extra hair tie and some bobby pins! I’m not planning on washing my hair while we’re there, so I didn’t bring shampoo or anything like that, which saves a lot of space.


For makeup I can’t even believe I’m keeping it this simple. The only eyeshadow I’m bringing is the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette which I adore. Again from left to right is an eyelash curler, Benefit Roller ball mascara, Bare Minerals foundation because its easy to travel with, Becca Flower Child Blush, Too Faced chocolate bronzer, Foo Faced Candlelight glow Highlighter, Fiona Stiles under eye brightener, a NYX butter gloss, Mac’s Shy girl, Anastasia brow pencil and a pencil and liquid liner, both by Tarte. Oh, and my smashbox primer water that I cant live without.


Again, for brushes I’m just keeping it simple. I’m not even bringing a brush cleanser, I’m just bringing my clean sweep brush pad. YOU GUYS. This is thing is perhaps the greatest invention of all time. It’s a little container and inside is a little foam pad. All you do is swirl your brush in it for literally a second and all the color is gone. It obviously doesn’t disinfect them or anything but it makes so easy to change colors. Below that I brought tweezers and lash glue, but I forgot to bring lashes. So. cool.


okay for clothes I decided to go super casual because I’m going to be on the train for 4 hours, and then when we get there, we’re just going to drop our things in the hotel and immediately go shopping/exploring. So I wanted to be comfy and plus I kind of love the “gym” look. So for the first day of travel and exploring, I’m wearing this sheer work out top from Champion, along with this bright blue sports bra. The top has an open strappy back so It looks really cute with the bra in the back because its also strappy. I’m wearing my favorite leggings ever from Zella. They’re high waisted and cropped and super comfy. Speaking of comfy. These shoes. They’re by New Balance and they literally feel like slippers. Up top I have 2 pairs of sun glasses because I didn’t know what pair I wanted to bring. The top pair is by Quay, which I didn’t end up bringing because they’re my favorite and I didn’t want anything to happen to them. So I brought the ones right below, which are Betsy Johnson and were about $10.


If we go out to get sushi or something, which we probably will, I wanted to bring a less casual outfit. I brought this flowy coral top. I don’t remember where I got it though. With a light weight cardigan from Target. My cropped jeggings are from American Eagle, and the shoes are from Target!


for the last day of exploring/travel. I just brought this T strapped shirt from Nordstrom. I’m just going to wear this with my leggings and sneakers.

Welp, Thats all for what I’m bringing! obviously i’m bring bras and underwear and sleep clothes and all that stuff, but these are the star of the show. I’ll do a travel blog too I think, so stay tuned for that ! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!



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