My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi beauties! Today is my 23rd birthday and I woke up and felt so happy and wanted to do a fun colorful post. So I figured I’d do a Mac Lipstick collection! This is going to be a lengthy post, so lets get started!

1- my first shade I ever bought from Mac was Plink. It’s a super sheer lustre and its so cute


2- Pink Plaid, Matte. This is a beautiful cool tones matte pink


3- See Sheer, Lustre. This is a really pretty coral. It’s more sheer on the lips


4- Speed Dial, Cremesheen. This is a fun bright pink if you dont want to go tooo bright.


5- Fanfare, Cremesheen. This is a more peachy pink, again if you dont want something too in your face.


6- Impassioned, Amplified. This is the brightest color I own. Perfect for summer.


7- Angel, Frost. This melted in my car, but its a nice light pink for every day


8- Plumful, Lustre. Plumful was one of the first shades I got along with Plink. It’s a beautiful plum color if you want to go dark, but its as lustre so its still sheer.


9-Midimauve, Lustre. This is exactly what is sounds like. A mid toned mauve color. Still sheer enough for beginners/everyday.


10- Faux, Satin. This one is a little more pigmented than midimauve, but still super wearable.


11- Touch, Lustre. This is labeled as a lustre, but I would call it a Cremesheen. Its more of a brown nude, but still very sophisticated looking. very grown up.


12- Up The Amp, Amplified. This is purple. Thats it lol. Just purple. I dont know why I bought this, I never wear it.


13- Hot Tahiti, Glaze. This is a nice “red” for anyone who doesn’t want to go too red. Its kind of sheer but is still clearly a red shade.


14- Viva Glam IV, Frost. This is a nice frosty plum shade. I don’t reach for this one too much, but I like it.


15- Velvet Teddy, Matte. The cult favorite. This shade is clearly well loved, its the perfect mix of nude and brown, and ties together any look.


16- Freckletone, Lustre. This is more of a nude with a hint of peachy brown. This looks amazing on darker skin tones as a true nude. Beyonce wears this color I believe.


17- Shy Girl, Cremesheen. I love this color. I wear it all the time and It just goes with everything. Its a beautiful peachy nude.

IMG_1953 I forgot to take a picture of Shy girl before Myth, so both of them are in the picture below. First shy girl, and then myth.

18-Myth, Satin. You can definitely look like a dead person with this shade. I apply it very lightly and it looks amazing. Or under a brighter gloss. This is one of my go to nudes.



We made it to the end!!! are you still with me or have you fallen asleep? If you have any questions about these shades, feel free to ask!! Love you all to the moon and back, have a happy Wednesday!






8 thoughts on “My MAC Lipstick Collection

    1. Thank you!! And absolutely not! I have a lip brush, but I nevveerrrr use it. I’ll only pull it out if I’m doing a really dark or bright red or something. But other than that I just throw which ever tube I’m using that day into my purse!

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