Therapeutic Gardening/Potting

Hello friends! So now that the weather is warming up, I’ve found my new spring/summer hobby. You could do it in the winter too with indoor flowers, but I’m obsessed with potting plants!! I’ve never been into potting before this year, but I went with my mom and I fell in love with it. 

Potting/gardening is so therapeutic and calms any anxiety I may have. It can be pricey the first time you go because you have to get all the tools and soil and rocks but once you have all of that, it’s so relaxing. You plant or pot which ever pretty flower you chose, and you water it and watch it grow. I don’t know what’s so calming about that, but trust me, it’s so relaxing. So I wanted to go through the steps with you guys in case you wanted to do it too! 

So here is what you’ll need:

A pot. I got this one from TJ maxx for $7 

Some rocks and gardening gloves 

Some potting soil and tools! A scooper and the three prong thing, not sure what that’s called. 


So what I like to do first is to pick out my flowers. When you pick out your flowers first, then you know how big or small of a pot you need to get, since most flowers multipl and grow. I love going to plant/flower nurserys. It’s so beautiful and there are so many colors and flowers to choose from. On my most recent trip, I picked up some marigolds, daisies, and some drop n blooms. You can either get your pots at the nursery or at a store like TJ Maxx, or home goods. I have found that if you buy from the nursery, the selection is limited and they tend to be more expensive, but you can always get them there for convenience. 

After you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to get potting! The first step is to put some of the small rocks in the pot first, just as a bottom layer. It helps the water to filter and not just sit at the bottom. Then fill your pot with soil most of the way up but leave a few inches and dig a small hole. Be very very careful with getting your flowers out of the pots they come in. Tilt them upside down with one hand on the plastic container and the other at the root of the flowers and gently wiggle and squeeze until it comes loose. You want the pull the roots a little bit at the bottom so they’re loosened up and can grow downwards. Then you just put it in your pot and fill it with the rest of the soil! Make sure to water it after, and I mean really water it. Then just leave it be, and it will grow! You do want to pay attention to the little tag that comes with it, so you know if they need to be in direct sunlight or shade or how much to water it or whatever. 

Here are some pictures of my back patio. I haven’t potted the ones in the front yet because it started to rain, so I’ll do that sometime this week. 

They bring so much happy life to your space! When I see my flowers I just get excited! It’s such a nice little pick me up and lifts my spirits randomly throughout the day. I also think it’s a proven fact that having growing life around you makes you happier… anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you give it a try! 


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