Hello loves! I got paid the other day so naturally, I went to Ulta to spend it. I work RIGHT next to an Ulta AND a lot of my coworkers are beauty addicts just like me so sometimes we have to talk each other out of spending all our money there. ANYWAYS I picked up 10  things and wanted to share my thoughts!

First up are these two- IMG_1884.jpg

I am IN LOVE with the body shops body butters. They’re so thick and creamy and keep your skin moisturized foreeevvveeerrrrr. They’re always on sale too so when I saw these were BOGO 50% off I got these two summery scents- Mango and Piñita Colada, which isn’t it supposed to be piña?? what is a Piñita colada? Okay, these smell amazing. I literally want to eat them. I do wish the colada one was more coconut scented though, because the mango one is sooo strong smelling but in a good way. But its fine, its still smells really good. So these will definitely be my summer body creams.


Next is this Soap & Glory Smoothie Breakfast Scrub. You guys. This literally smells like cookie batter. Its unbelievable. I wanted a new scrub because the one I had was old and gross and I was in desperate need of an exfoliation, So while I was at Ulta I picked this up and I can’t even begin to tell you how good it smells. Everybody go out and buy it. now. Oh, also it works really well and smells so good in the shower while you use it. It feels like you’re at some luxurious spa.


I picked up this Becca Mineral Blush in the color Flower Child. I have had my eye on this ever since Becca and Jaclyn Hill did their collaboration and I saw how beautiful it was. I don’t know why I never bought it, but I’m already in love. It’s the perfect coraly peachy pink and its so pigmented and doesn’t look chalky or powdery on your skin. I also love that it’s mineralized, because it gives the most beautiful finish and sheen.


I also decided to try one of these Too Faced Love Flush blushes in the color How Deep Is Your Love. I’ve never tried a Too Faced blush, because my favorites are Mac and Nars, but everybody raves about them so I decided to give it a try. I think what won me over at first was the packaging, because it’s just about the prettiest blush i’ve ever seen, but this is a really great blush. It’s super pigmented and again, doesn’t look chalky or powdery. I did swatches of them but they literally look identical but i’ll post the picture anyways. The Too Faced blush is not mineralized or shimmery at all, so the finishes are very different, but they’re both pretty coral shades.

On the left is Too Faced and on the right is Becca.




Next are these two liners from Tarte. I don’t know why I bought these, I was in a trance, but I saw them and the next thing I knew they were in my shopping bag. One is a felt tip liquid liner called the Precision long wear liner. The other is a twist up pencil liner called Sex kitten. I really like the pencil liner because its soo creamy and goes on really easily. I’m not sure how I feel about the liquid though. I’ve only used it twice and its a bit dry.  It also transfers to my upper eyelid throughout the day, and I don’t have hooded eyes at all. I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll repurchase it, but it was nice to try.


Then I got a mini Biosilk. I love this stuff. It smells heavenly, and makes my hair so soft at the ends. I’ve been really into hair oils lately and I’ve been looking for others that are inexpensive. The first one I tried was the Sebastian dark oil. I like that one and it smells good, but its so expensive and I knew if I wanted to keep using hair oils I would have to find something more affordable.


Next I wanted to try some of these animal face masks. I picked up the soothing mask for sensitive skin, and the brightening mask for texture and dull skin. I haven’t used these yet, but when I do, i’ll give a review!

alas! This post has come to an end. If you have any questions, let me know! Or if there’s something that you’ve recently tried that you think I’ll love, let me know! I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!!




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