Hi loves! I decided to do a tattoo post, because I loooovvveeeee reading other tattoo posts and seeing pictures and reading stories about peoples tattoos and getting inspiration! NOT copying… INSPIRATION I said. But I honestly don’t understand why people get soooo upset if somebody else has the same tattoo as them. I would be absolutely flattered if somebody saw one of my tattoos and loved it so much they decided to get it. Anyways.. so I’m going to go through each of my tattoos and explain why I got it and share my experience! 

The first tattoo I ever got was a triangle on my back. It’s the delta symbol for change. I got it during a very transitional period in my life (dropping out of college and deciding to follow my dreams) so I felt it was apppropriate. I was 19 when I got it and I literally just woke up one day and decided to get a tattoo. I had wanted one for a while, and I happen to be a very impulsive person. Very. Impulsive. As in, I went out to lunch with a friend, and came back with a puppy a few years ago…. So when I say I woke up and decided to get a tattoo, I really did. I went to a shop down the street from my house and just walked inside and asked if anyone was available. The guy I ended up getting wasn’t super friendly.. I showed him a picture of what I wanted, and when he came back with a drawing that wasn’t anything like the picture. I never thought in a million years I’d have to correct a triangle, and this was my first tattoo, AND I was by myself, so it was a little intimidating to ask him to redo it, and he didn’t like that very much. When he came back the second time, it still wasn’t what I had in mind, but no way was I going to correct him again, so I just said it looked great. I got it right below the back of my neck. It honestly didn’t hurt that bad at all. I had expected it to be excruciating and it wasn’t. In my opinion, the after care was worse. This is what it looks today, so about 4 years later. 

My next tattoo was a little more planned. I got it when I was on vacation in the outer banks with an old best friend. Ive gone to the outer banks every year since before I was born, my grandmother has a condo on the water, and my aunt has a house on the water, so I grew up at the beach and it holds a special place in my heart. We both knew we wanted to get tattoos on our trip, so once we got there, we called a local shop and set up appointments for later in the week. The guy that did them was a traveling artist that was there for a month. I the outline of a little seashell on my right ankle, and I love it. I told him I wanted a seashell, and he immediately pulled up his laptop and we looked through a bunch of pictures on google of different shells until I picked this one. Now… this tattoo.. hurt like a b**** . I actually had to breathe through it, and I was sweating like a woman giving birth. They weren’t lying when they said foot tattoos hurt. 

My third tattoo is probably my favorite. This one, I had been wanting for a long time. When I read Shakespeare in high school, I LOVED hamlet. My favorite, and one of the most popular lines in that book is when polonius says “this above all, to thine own self be true” and I absolutely loved it. I knew I wanted it as a tattoo, but didn’t want to get the entire quote. I wanted It to be more inconspicuous, so I googled hamlet tattoos, and came across somebody’s favorite Shakespeare tattoo in Roman numerals and knew that’s what I wanted for mine. So a few years after high school I finally got it done. Act 1. Scene 3. Line 84. (At least that’s the part from the version I read, Theres like a million different versions of hamlet). My experience with this tattoo was amazing. I loved the guy who did it. He was so patient with me, as I had him change the location like 4 times. He was so nice and didn’t make me feel stupid like a lot of tattoo artists do. I’ll definitely go back to him for my other tattoos. 

As everybody will tell you, tattoos are addicting. I want soo many more, and I’d get them if the funds would allow it haha. But that’s all for now. If anyone would be interested in tattoo updates I would definitely do that. Let me know if you have any questions! 


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