This is the story of why I dropped out of college after only one semester, and how I found my way to Esthetics. This is usually the story I tell people when they ask  me how I got into the field I’m in. So lets back up to my 17 year old self applying to colleges and wanting to get the hell out of my hometown.

When I was a junior in high school my parents decided to get a divorce, and it was an ugly one. It was definitely for the best (I’ll make a different post on that later) but it took its toll on me and I wanted nothing but to be as far away from Northern Virginia as possible. I applied to as many out of state schools as I could and no in state schools, which was my first big mistake. I didn’t do great in high school in terms of grades, I just wanted to hang out with my friends and was pretty lazy when it came to school work. So, it wasn’t a surprise when I didn’t get accepted to any of the schools I had applied to. At this point, I was desperate because if I didn’t get in anywhere, I would have to go to community college and continue living at home, which was not an option.

I heard about a school that literally accepted everybody, and I knew that would be my ticket out of here. It was in state, but almost 5 hours away. It’s called Ferrum College and I DO NOT recommend it, I repeat, DO NOT RECOMMEND IT haha. Unless you’re a townie, or wanting to play D3 sports, don’t go there. I’ll make another blog post about my experience there, but ooommmgggggg i’ll just say that it was horrible, and I ended up wanting to leave after only one semester. Despite my family begging me to stay, I knew that I wasn’t happy and I had to do what was best for me, even though they didn’t understand. So I officially dropped out, and my mom came to help my move out on the first day of winter break.

At this point, I was so happy to get out of there I didn’t give my future a second thought. I didn’t care what I wanted to do with my life, all that mattered was that I was out of that hell hole. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I would find something. I was absolutely obsessed with makeup and collecting and watching every single youtuber I possible could. I wanted to be a makeup artist. I applied to Sephora, and surprise surprise, they denied me. So I applied to Ulta, and this is where it all started!

I got hired as a cashier, and worked my way up to being a Prestige Consultant, which is basically where you work in the high end makeup section. While working there, I was not only expected to sell make up, but I was also expected to sell the high end skin care as well, which I knew nothing about. Customers would come in and say things like “My dermatologist says I need a moisturizer with at least 2% Hyaluronic acid, can you help me?” and I literally had no idea what they were talking about. So I started doing my research, and learning ingredients, and I eventually fell in love with skincare and esthetics. I loved making people look beautiful on the outside with makeup, but what if I could actually change somebody’s skin? I knew that was what I wanted to do, So I started researching schools.

I found the Esthetic Institute, which happens to only be about 20 minutes from my house, and is a Cidesco school, which means in nationally recognized as a reputable place to be certified, and not some sketchy “beauty school”. I told this to my parents and they were immediately on board and set up a meeting to tour the school with me and sign the papers! I absolutely loved it, and ended up going back to get my Master Esthetic schooling done. I’m so incredibly happy that I chose this field, and the possibilities are endless. I will always be able to find a job, and I can work just about anywhere, like spas, med spas, hospitals, dermatologists offices, plastic surgeon offices, I can be a skin care rep.. the list goes on and on. It brings me so much comfort in knowing that I have the potential to make as much money as I want, and grow as much as I want. I highly, highly recommend this field to anybody who has a passion for beauty, skincare, and the medical field all rolled into one! If you have any questions about esthetics or my journey, don’t be afraid to ask!



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