This really is so easy I almost feel stupid writing a whole post about it. Given that i’m in the skin care field, I’ve collected a decent amount of essential oils over the years and I am absolutely obsessed with them. So recently i’ve been making these linen sprays because (this is gross) but i drool sometimes when I sleep, or sweat or whatever other bodily fuctions happen when you’re unconscious, and I wanted a way to keep my sheets clean without having to wash them everyday. I started making this super easy linen spray and im so in love with it I want to share it with the world. All you need is- water, witch hazel, a glass spray bottle, and essential oils.


You have to use a glass spray bottle when working with essential oils because they’re so strong, that if you put them in plastic, it will melt the chemicals in the plastic and it will seep into your oils. Mix equal parts water and witch hazel, and a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and shake it up! I like orange and lemongrass because they just smell fresh. So what I do every morning, after I wake up, is I pull my sheets back and spray the mixture all over my sheets and pillows and leave it there for a few minutes to air out. I then make my bed and when I get in it that night it smells and feels so fresh.




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