Wow. Where to start. If you’ve gotten IUD implanted, you know exactly how i’m feeling right now. SO… About 3 weeks ago was when I had my IUD appointment. It was a thousand times worse that what I had expected…

A couple months prior to getting in it put in, I had my annual pap, and asked about it. They said they would send me all the info and call me within a week to order it, and that I could have it implanted the following month when I started my next cycle. I said I wanted to do it so they went ahead and ordered it for me… Well the next month came and went.. and the next month came and went. I didn’t have another cycle for almost 3 months after my first appointment when I had asked them about it. I had been finishing school at the time and I guess the stress of that had effected my body more than I thought. Eventually, it did come around, so I called and made an appointment to come it to get my IUD inserted. When I made my appointment, they told me to take a couple ibuprofen before I came because it can be “a little uncomfortable”  The lady really made it sound like no big deal, but I had a 6th sense about it. I had some leftover pain killers from a abscess I had drained a few months prior and I made sure I was drugged. up. for my appointment. Im a baby when it comes to pain (even though I have a few tattoos) so I didn’t want to feel anything. Thinking I had outsmarted this whole process, I had my boyfriend drive me to my appointment, and even though i’m not religious, I cant thank God enough that I had the idea for him to drive me, because I don’t know that I would have done without him.

So I arrived at my appointment, they called me back, I undressed and waited on the table for the nurse to come in. She knocked, opened the door and asked if I had any questions. I said no, and then she says “okay so this will only take a couple of minutes but if you need us to stop say stop.” I thought to myself “how painful is this going to be? the first lady on the phone said it would be just a little uncomfortable, and this lady is saying it might be so bad that I might have to tell them to stop” so I immediately start panicking as she starts. Let me tell you…. That was probably the worst pain I have ever experienced in my entire life. It felt like period cramps, but a thousand times worse, and sharp. It really did only take a minute or two, and when she was done, I got dress as quickly as possible, went out to the waiting room and said to Michael (my beloved boyfriend) “lets get the hell out of here”. I was completely doubled over in pain and was moaning and groaning the entire car ride back to my house where he so graciously tucked me into bed. I stayed there the rest of the day and night tossing and turning, it was impossible to find a comfortable position. I was hurting from the top of my rib cage, all the way down to my knees.

The next day they had magically disappeared, then they were back, then they were gone. That kept happening for the 2 weeks after I had gotten it put in. Now i’m on my 3rd week and I haven’t had to take any ibuprofen in almost 5 days which is amazing considering how I could barely move before. I hope it stays like this, fingers crossed!

Would I recommend getting an IUD? yes, if you can tolerate the first couple weeks until it levels out and your body becomes used to having a foreign object in you at all times. I can’t say enough how nice it is not having to worry about taking a pill everyday, or how much the hormones were effecting me. My IUD has such a low dose of hormones, which I love because i’ve been on certain pills that have given me horrible mood swings, AND I can have it in for up to 5 years. So i’ve given myself a timeline, that I have to start having children by the time the 5 years in up so I don’t have to have a new one put in and go through that awful pain again.

All in all, yes I would recommend it, and yes I like it. I would definitely make sure you do it on your day off, or a day where you don’t have anything to do and are able to lay in bed all day just in case. I do hope not everybody’s IUD experience was as painful as mine, maybe i’m just a baby. But that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!




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