I used to have extremely oily skin when I was a teenager. Then once I hit 18, it became more normal. Not really oily, not really dry, but enough moisture to keep it healthy. I had absolute perfect skin, and never struggled with acne. I completely took it for granted.

My skin took a turn for the worst a couple years ago when I was on antibiotics for 2 straight months for bronchitis that would not go away. I could literally go on and on for days about how much antibiotics ruined my life, but that’s another story for another time.

So basically, I developed seborrheic dermatitis from being on antibiotics for so long, and it was a nightmare. I first started noticing that my skin was different when I started getting these little itchy bumps on my face that would only last about an hour and then go away. They would come up out of nowhere and would itch so bad and the suddenly be gone. My first thought was that I wasnt cleaning my makeup brushes enough, so I did a deep clean to all my brushes, and it kept happening, and it got worse. During the summer, when I was outside, or sweating, my face would burn. badly. Not like a sunburn, but like I was having an extreme allergic reaction to something. It was so painful, I would have to soak napkins in ice water and hold it on my face to get any sort of relief. My skin was burning, flaky, dry, but also oily, and rough. This went on for months until I finally found out what it was.

This is where my profession saved me. I took to my text books determined to find out what was wrong with me, and I stumbled upon seborrheic dermatitis. I knew that was what it was, and I confirmed it when I went into school the next day and asked my teacher about it while I was getting a chemical peel (i’ll make another post about my obsession with chemical peels). She confirmed what it was and made it sounds like no big deal, and said “your yeast is just partying harder than everyone else!” WHAT?!?! how could she have made it sound so casual and nonchalant when I had been in tears for months over this.

She recommended that I use a shampoo for dandruff on my face as a cleanser. (people who have dandruff also have a yeast overgrowth, which can also be caused by antibiotics). At this point I was desperate. So I went to CVS and bought a shampoo specifically for seborrheic dermatitis and immediately went home and used it on my face. This was the first time in months I felt relief. My skin wasn’t buring, or flaky, or irritated. I was so happy and excited that I finally found something that worked…..temporarily.

The shampoo did work.. but over time it sensitized my skin. My face wasnt flaky, or burning, but it wasn’t “good” by any means. So I did some research..IMG_1684

and thats when I came across these babies. This is what saved my skin. On the left is a cleanser called calm, cool, & correcred, by Dermadoctor. On the right, is the ultra repair cream by First Aid Beauty. The moisturizer is designed for dry skin, and/or people who struggle with eczema, which I also have ironically enough. I use the moisturizer every night year round. Every now and then i’ll switch it up and try something new every other night, but I always come back to this one when my skin is feeling dry. The same goes for the cleanser. I use this either every night, or every other night. For me, night time is when I use these the most, as more of a treatment. During the day I use basic, gentle products that are lightweight. I highly highly recommend these products to anybody with seborrheic dermatitis, or anybody with extremely dry irritated skin looking for some relief. I’m still struggling to get my skin the way I want it, but it has come such a long way. I will keep updating if my skin takes a turn for better or worse, or if I find any new products that work well! Please comment if you have any questions on these products or skin care questions in general, i’d be happy to answer!




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